About Us


The Stratford Perth Heritage Foundation (formerly Perth County Historical Foundation) was incorporated in the Province of Ontario on October 9, 1964.

Our constitution, which guides the operation of the organization, was last updated at the annual general meeting on March 20, 2011.

The affairs of the Foundation are governed by a Board of Directors of five to 11 volunteer members who meet once a month, along with a recording secretary.

The Board reports to the membership at an annual general meeting held in the first quarter of each calendar year.

The Foundation is a Registered Charitable Organization. Our registered charitable number is BN 89075 0045 RR001.

The Foundation strives to preserve and celebrate the cultural heritage of Perth County.

Its history dates back to 1900, when Thomas Orr, Chair of the Library Board, assumed direction of what was then called the Stratford Historical Society. Both the library and historical society received artifacts from all parts of Perth county when libraries earned the right to house museum collections in 1902.

Artifacts collected were kept and displayed in the History Room at the Stratford Public Library. The collection celebrated local history and grew significantly following a series of homecoming reunions hosted by the Stratford Public Library and Historical Society in 1914, 1922, 1924, and Stratford’s Centennial, in 1932.

The Historical Society became the Perth County Historical Foundation and served as guardian of the Stratford and Perth County Historical Collection until 1972. The collection, now owned jointly by the City of Stratford and Perth County, is maintained by the Stratford Perth Museum Association. It includes a number of sub-collections, such as the 1922 Hugh Nichol archaeological donation, the 1932 Centennial Collection, and the 1965 Thomas Orr textile collection.

The foundation was renamed the Stratford Perth Heritage Foundation at a regular meeting of the Board of Directors held on December 4, 2013.